mardi 24 novembre 2015

This Week in Motoring

By  by Gear Patrol
Yamaha builds a flat tracker for the road, Jeff Gordon doesn’t get his fairy-tale ending, Victory teases with a concept and more.

Yamaha Goes Flat Tracking


The running theme with motorcycles in 2015 is clearly “cafe racer.” No complaints here. But only a few companies are making flat-track-style motorcycles, which is whyYamaha and their all-new XSR900 deserve applause.

Simplify, Then Add Price Drop


Lamborghini has a long line of two-wheel-drive monsters, but in recent years they’ve been fewer and farther between. However, newly unveiled at the L.A. Auto Show is the LP580-2, a lighter, slightly less powerful RWD Huracan sure to put the enthusiasts at ease (i.e., the guys who thought the Huracan LP610-4 was too heavy).

All of the Hypercars

It’s the test everyone wanted to see: the 918 versus the P1 versus the LaFerrari. A group called the Hyper 5 matched those three and threw in a Pagani Huayra and aBugatti 

Along Came a Spider


As promised, Fiat has delivered their Miata-based 124 Spider. It has more torque, slightly more power and 100 extra pounds. What’s not so clear cut is the public’s consensus on its looks.

Victory Ignition Concept


When we tested the Victory Empulse TT earlier this year, Victory was secretive about the bike, and remained so all the way up to the reveal. With a Victory-backed V-Twin racer heading up Pikes Peak that week, it was almost certain a bike like the Ignition Concept was actually going to be unveiled. We were wrong, but it’s good to see that Victory came through.

No Sixth Title for Gordon


Before heading to retirement, Jeff Gordon was looking to add to his tally of titles, but it was not to be. Instead, Kyle Bush earned his first NASCAR championship.

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