lundi 28 décembre 2015

Snapshot, 1962: London’s fastest ski lift

It’s 29 December 1962, and the whole of London has awoken under a blanket of snow. So much so, that even Earls Court is proving the ideal ski resort, as this wonderful snapshot shows…
While a heavy snowfall in London today sees the Capital (and in turn the rest of the country) grinding almost to a standstill, in the past it brought out the city-dwellers’ British sportsmanship – take this enthusiastic skier, for example, sliding along the streets of Earls Court. Okay, so it might not be St. Moritz, but there are certainly worse excuses to take the day off work and play with your classic car…
Photo: Terry Fincher & Michael Stroud/Express/Getty Images
Relive the good old days with our series of vintage snapshots.

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