mercredi 2 décembre 2015


TWIM-gear-patrol-970Volkswagen Gets Its Fix (In Europe)

One of the biggest unanswered questions from Volkswagen’s diesel scandal was how affected cars would be put into compliance with environmental standards. The answer (at least for Europe) is a software tune and a “flow-straightener tube.” VW has yet to release info on a fix for US cars, a tougher task due to more stringent regulations.

An “R”-Rated AMG GT

Motor Trend is reporting that AMG will be building a more extreme version of its already extreme AMG GT S. The new model will be called the GT R and will receive more power, wider tires, four-wheel steering, active dynamics and “active spool valve shocks,” an industry first.

Swedish Insanity Comes Stateside

In Koenigsegg’s production run of 25 Agera RS’s, the upcoming seventh model will be the first to be fully homologated and road-legal in the United States. As such, the Swedish hypercar builder will be blogging the production process of the car on their official website.

A Different Kind of Boxy Volvo

Volvo has announced a new in-car delivery system for customer cars in Gothenburg, Sweden. Once a package is ordered, a courier locates your car via GPS, then uses a one-time-use key to open your car, leave the parcel and lock the car again.

New from Porsche: Old Porsches

Porsche is implementing a new network of service centers with a specific focus on working on vintage Porsche cars as well as selling certified classic models. The first Porsche Classic Center has opened in the Netherlands, with around 100 more to open around the rest of the world.

Nico Rosberg’s Victory

Though he locked in his third F1 World Title weeks ago at the US GP, Lewis Hamilton’s glory has been somewhat overshadowed by his teammate’s winning streak. This weekend’s season closer at Abu Dhabi saw Nico Rosberg taking first yet again, making it his third consecutive win (and from pole position, to boot).


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