mardi 15 décembre 2015

Vincent 1950's V Twin 1000cc

Don reviews the iconic 1950's Vincent motorcycle. In its day it was advertised as the fastest standard road bike and was perhaps the super-bike of that period.
It was successful in sprints, hillclimbs and achieved world speed records. With tuning and running on dope it could reach speeds in excess of 200mph.
Manufactured in Stevenage, the engineers used some exceptional components which included a rear cantilever mono shock suspension, twin brakes in both wheels and incorporated the engine as part of the frame - in many ways it was ahead of it time.
Out on the road, Don enthuses about its performance and likens it to a modern machine. He explains, the power will effortlessly pull you up from low revs to 100mph. He feels its a majestic ride and you get a sense that this is one of the best bikes ever made.
A truly iconic bike in the history of motorcycling.

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