mercredi 9 décembre 2015

What happens when you let McLaren’s designer build a boat?

This jaw-droppingly gorgeous boat was created by the revered automotive designer, Frank Stephenson, whose works on terra firma include the revived Mini Cooper and, more recently, the McLaren MP4-12C…


Currently directing McLaren Automotive’s design department, Frank Stephenson is rather well respected in the automotive sector, but his elegant boat – dubbed ‘Riverbreeze’ – is a radical departure from his clean-cut, sharp supercars.  Inspired by the day boats of the 1960s, the 31-foot tender is crafted in rosewood and mahogany from Africa and Brazil – complete with 35 coats of lacquer to create that sumptuous shine – and is powered by a 4.2kW electric motor. The cherry on the cake, so to speak, is the hood ornament on the bow, originally found on a 1932 Cadillac. Happy sailing, Frank…
Photos: Frank Stephenson
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