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100Tracks 2016 – Off Road in Romania

100tracks 2016

by Emilio Močibob

Administration at Extreme4x4 Europe media
In my opinion, Europe has the most challenging off road terrain possible. Whether you want to dive deep into sticky mud or maybe destroy your suspension on fast and rocky trails, it is up to you… Europe has everything you need. We all love a good off road race. But it’s not just about the terrain, it should be more than just mud and punctured tyres, to say the least. Local culture, food and high quality organization is exactly what we need – Check out 100Tracks 2016 in Romania!
100tracks 2016
100Tracks is the most innovative 4×4 championship in Romania and is the only off-road competition in FIA calendar – Federation Internationale de l’Automobile. Navigation in the competition is made by GPS tracks and GPS points received from the organisers and uploaded in the competitors’ iOS or Android tablets or smartphones.
The show from forests and valleys is brought to the fans’ laptops through live-streaming on platform. As well, GPS trackers set on the competing cars offer the possibility of live-tracking of the competitors on an interactive map during the competition.
100tracks 2016
In 2016 we will bring the off-road competition to a new higher level. 100Tracks 2016 is more than a 4×4 competition, it is a life experience in Transylvania, region chosen by Lonely Planet as BEST IN TRAVEL for 2016. The unique sensation of navigation through wild forests, 7 long competing days, daily altitude difference of 400-500 m, dreamlike evenings with local tastes and, overall, the possibility to discover an authentic and unique culture.  100Tracks Adventure is a must for all off-roaders.
100tracks 2016
Taking place between 23rd and 30th of July 2016, 100Tracks 2016 shall include 3 classes with different difficulty levels – Trip class (80-120 km/day), Soft class (60-80 km/day) and Hard class (40-50 km/day). For navigation it is required to have iOS or Android tablets or smartphones to upload the GPS tracks to follow, and accommodation shall be available both in a dedicated camping zone in tents, campers or caravans, as well as guest houses in the area.
More information on 100Tracks Adventure 2016 and early bird offers you can get on 100Tracks 2016 website.
100tracks 2016

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