mardi 26 janvier 2016

Classics and supercars thrive in London, come rain or shine

Whether it’s drenched in pouring rain, basking in sunshine, or frozen under a layer of ice, London is never short of interesting cars. Alex Penfold is a photographer who’s made it his mission to ‘spot’ and document just that. Here is his latest set, fresh from the streets of the Capital…

A walk on the wild side

Have you ever spotted a McLaren F1 GTR or a Peugeot 205 T16 in the wild? You’d think that the clogged, traffic-stricken streets of London would deter the owners of such impractical cars, but quite the opposite is true. This inconceivable selection of classic and supercars was captured by Alex Penfold, one of the most popular (and long-standing) members of the so-called ‘spotting’ community. The shots are stunning, as we’re sure you’ll agree, and will prompt you to keep your eyes peeled during your next trip to London...
Photos: Alex Penfold
You can discover more of Alex Penfold’s work on his Instagram and Flickr accounts, or hunt for your dream classic or supercar in the Classic Driver Market.

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