jeudi 24 mars 2016

FIA WEC / The 2016-spec Porsche 919/Michelin

A day after Audi, Porsche has unveiled its 2016-spec 919 Hybrid on the Web. The 2015 world champion essentially features adjustments to make it even more potent.
Like Audi, Porsche decided to reveal its new prototype for the 2016 FIA WEC ahead of this weekend’s trip to Le Castellet, France, for the championship’s Prologue test.
Pictures of the Porsche 919 Hybrid/Michelin went online and hit the social media this morning (Wednesday) and, unlike the Audi R18 and Toyota TS050 Hybrid, the Stuttgart machine hasn’t undergone any major changes over the winter.
The chassis, engine (two-litre, bi-turbo V4 with direct injection), energy recovery system (braking and exhaust gas) and lithium-ion battery are all the same. The Porsche 919 is classed as an 8 MJ car.
However, there have been some fine-tuning and weight-saving adjustments in order to improve efficiency and, therefore, performance. Three aero kits (maximum authorised by the regulations) have been developed for the year and the electrics have been optimised. The front suspension has been revised to increase the number of set-up options and the gearbox has been lightened. Further weight might also be shaved off the engine.
In-depth work has gone into the suspension/running gear, notably in association with Michelin in order to optimise the tyre options as a function of the Porsche 919 Hybrid’s specific characteristics.
Last but not least, the switch to numbers N°s 1 and 2 is accompanied by a new black-and-white livery. Two 919 Hybrids have been entered for the 2016 FIA WEC and Le Mans. They will be in the hands of Hartley/Webber/Bernhard and Lieb/Dumas/Jani.

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