lundi 14 mars 2016

Lords Of The Atlas - Pre-Scout Mission

Perched on the northwest corner of mainland Africa, sits a nation of rock and sand. Bordered by ISIS to the east and Ebola to the south, it was the perfect proving ground for Team Raiden’s newest adventure.
Icon productions are grand scale undertakings. Crew and equipment are flown into locations the world over, but what we don’t show is how these projects begin. The inspiration planning and legwork that goes into everyone of our films. 
Before there is any Lords Of The Atlas, there’s the pre runner team, the men sent in to scout the feasibility of a full scale production. Two days in and the magnitude of the whole endeavor became clear. Chances are we wouldn’t die, but getting seriously f***’ed up, that was a real possibility. 
Gone were the fanciful dreams of Dakar glory, replaced instead with compressed backs, bruised kidneys, and a post trauma sack of sub dermal fluid. Despite the mounting damage, there was no place we’d rather be. ‘Big Time Adventuring’ across the African desert. 
In total the Raiden crew rode for six days, and over 650 off road miles. All the while testing gear, equipment, and our will to endure. We captured over 30 gigabytes of still photography, and 48 hours of riding footage. These photos and videos will lay the research groundwork for the next Lords Of The Atlas.

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