lundi 7 mars 2016

Pakistan: The Motorcycle Heaven

Pakistan is truly a motorcycle heaven and the coolest part is that nobody knows about it! After this video if you feel like riding Pakistan with us, please check out (A new more friendly website will be up and running very shortly, till then you can check out the old one) or shoot us an email at

Beloved Bones from Australia shows us why he loves Pakistan! 

Moin Khan and Bones started their journey from Islamabad on a Honda CG-Dream; the scenic route they took explored Pakistan’s natural beauty. They rode through Babusar Pass to Gilgit, explored the western side of Ghizer/Yasin Valley and then back to Hunza. From Hunza they rode to Khunjerab Pass ( Pakistan-China Border at 15,400 sq feet). Bones was amazed by the journey. His perception of Pakistan and its people has been one of loving hospitality! They made their way back through Gilgit, into Skardu and spent a night in Deosai Plains. They traveled through Rama, Chilaas, Babusar, Naran and finally to Islamabad. Here is a short video of what went on in his epic 21-day journey.

Bones is one happy guy, he is in love with Pakistan and this is a quick clip of what went on in the 21 day tour through Pakistan. 

Pakistan Zindabad!!

"The heart is an infinite map. There is no end to exploring the dusty roads of the world, there is no end to time if you live every minute like it means something truly special. You’re immortal because you’re the earth, you’re the sky, you’re the motorcycle prints in the mountain dust, you’re the smiles of the strangers you meet along the way. Age and money? These are just numbers, and there is no room for their mathematics in the great art of travel. Get out there, have fun, be kind and God bless you all!" - A Khan

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