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Massimo Safina's BMW R45 - 10
Would you agree if I say “I need a work that is truly inspiring”? The same design is the thing that will make people bored to see the results of your work, there is no difference, a mass product exactly. But it would be different if someone says “I wants to have a design like you have created” It is an appreciation for your work.

It came too late. Why do I say? This is the best I’ve ever seen, its design is very different from most of the other BMW. Because sometimes I get bored with the BMW that modified & designed into the Cafe Racer, I’m kidding. See what is there, Massimo Safina is a talented designer.
Massimo Safina's BMW R45 - 1
Massimo had told me that this bike he designed himself, and built assisted by a friend. The story that begins with their love of surfing and skateboarding, rock, R & B music, and of course they love beautiful women (mother and their wives). That is what unites them.
Massimo Safina's BMW R45 - 2
A pair of friends who have the same passion to the custom motorcycle. They were born in a country filled with a lot of heritage, art, and culture that respected by many people, especially for those who has become a living legend that is Valentino Rossi, they are from Italy.
Massimo Safina's BMW R45 - 3
They are a pair (builder and designer) who were born in the small town which is famous for its vicissitudes Mafia, located in the northwest of the large island of the Mediterranean. And this is the first work of those who get the chance to perform here. A BMW R45 Mad Max, What do you think?
Massimo Safina's BMW R45 - 4
They are still new here and still think about what a good name for the name of their workshops. De Luxe inspired, it’s the concept of bike they built today. Starting from concepts and ideas that they have created, they now named their workshop under the name 091 DELUX motorcycle.
Massimo Safina's BMW R45 - 5
Massimo told me that this was a 1983 BMW R45. Sort of history, this bike already has many owners and finally she’s founded in the old barn, abandoned. Found in a pile, tons of dust, and rust on. Initially people feel unsure as to what will be done by Massimo and his friend.
Massimo Safina's BMW R45 - 6
Indeed, at that time she was really seen in a bad condition and some people think it’s crazy. Work with confidence, Massimo tried to evoke this BMW and now He can make she’s laugh again, the beautiful boxer engine sound. This is what makes Massimo and his friends very happy. This BMW R45 has been reborn.
Massimo Safina's BMW R45 - 7
For this project, Massimo’s plan to build that looks simple, but also hope that this will be more beautiful. That’s why some parts become so important and it’s all very well customized. Look at the parts of the tank, it is very beautiful, an artisan.
Massimo Safina's BMW R45 - 8
Massimo told me that part of the frame has also been modified by reducing some parts that are not needed, so this completety lightweight. “In this BMW R45 project we always had the idea to keep a compactness and as simple as possible equal to a bicycle” says Massimo.
Massimo Safina's BMW R45 - 9
So, we are very curious how this bike if ridden. How does the bike ride? “It’s snappy, handy, and hard to believe it’s a very comfortable BMW R45 custom. This is our new project agricultural. In the past we have made several special they too daring. I hope you enjoy our work, Delux family” He concluded.
If you have any questions about this bike. Please like 091 DELUX motorcycle fan page and chat with them. Or, if you are now in Palermo and intends to build your motorcycle into a custom motorcycle, feel free to ask and please contact them directly to inquire about shipping and the specific build requirements of your country at:
091 DELUX motorcycle

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