mardi 10 mai 2016

If you’re a motorsport fan or enthusiast of any sort then you probably already know who Ken Block is. If you’ve been living under a rock for the past 10 years then go to google and search “gymkhana” and you will then know what this talented Rally driver from Southern California is known for. Ken has made a name for himself through his viral video content, primarily the Gymkhana video series which has Ken pulling precision driving and high speed drift stunts in his high horse-powered rally cars.
Mad Media, the production company that produces all of UTVUnderground’s content since 2012, also produced the first 3 Gymkhana videos with Ken Block. Our site and our industry has benefited greatly from this partnership between UTVUnderground and Mad Media as we have applied the same production quality and techniques most were used to only seeing in Block’s videos to our own content. Many will tell you that the RJ Anderson XP1K video series is the Gymkhana series for UTVs and I would have to agree.
While Mad Media only did the first 3 videos with Ken Block, Block has gone on to produce many more in this highly popular online video series. But whats just as cool is now Ken Block is endorsing Can-Am and has now dove in head first into the UTV segment giving our sport an even further reach.
I came across these images on Ken Block’s FACEBOOK page the other day and thought I would share them. It shows Ken and his family out in Utah enjoying his new freshly built Maverick Xds Turbo and Maverick Max Xds. It looks like it hasn’t taken him long to throw those machines in sideways and push them to the limit. Maybe we will soon see a Maverick make an appearance in Gymkhana?? Only time will tell.
Joey D.
Photos curtesy of Ken Block Facebook Page


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