dimanche 15 mai 2016

Top 8 Retro Motorcycle Helmets On eBay

Retro-styled motorcycle helmets have made a huge comeback in recent years, there are now a number of companies building a wide range of helmets to modern safety standards - with all the charm and simplicity of the 1970s. 

This Top 8 only includes full face helmets, there are many more retro open face designs out there and I'm a strong believer that we all make our own decisions with regards to safety - but I personally like full face helmets because dentists are expensive. 

Each of these helmets meets an absolute minimum of DOT (American) safety standards, many of them also meet ECE 22.05 (European) standards, and some include AS/NZS1698 (Australia/New Zealand), and NBR-7471:2001 (Brazil) certification. 

Which helmet you choose may depend on where you live, Americans have it easiest in this regard followed by Europeans - the Australians, New Zealanders and Japanese tend to have it a little harder as less companies seem to go to the trouble of seeking the various approvals needed.  

Note: If you think I've missed anything from this list, or there are other helmets you think should be here you can let me know in the comments below - I'll be keeping a close eye on them.

Biltwell Gringo

The Biltwell Gringo was one of the first of the modern helmets built to '70s style guidelines, it's built to DOT standards and one of the great benefits of the Gringo is its huge array of paint schemes available - not to mention a variety of bubble shields and visors. 

Click here to see the Biltwell Gringos for sale on eBay.

Bell Bullitt

The Bell Bullitt is almost certainly the most popular helmet in this category, not only in the USA but around the world. It's certified in the US, Europe and Australia, and it has the additional peace of mind that comes with a Bell badge. 

Click here to see the Bell Bullitts for sale on eBay.

Nexx XG100

The Nexx XG100 is a relative newcomer to the genre, it's been winning a lot of hearts thanks to the retro-modern shell shape and broad range of designs including the one pictured here - which is the work of Maria Motorcycles. 

Click here to see the Nexx XG100s for sale on eBay.

DMD Racer

DMD is an Italian company that produce the Racer and a number of other helmet designs - the Racer has a combination of street and MX about it, and like many of the helmets in this Top 8 it comes in a variety of colours. 

Click here to see the DMD Racers on eBay.

Premier Trophy

This is one of the high-end offerings in the retro helmet sector, Premier have a long history of building some of the best engineered and arguably best looking helmets you'll find anywhere, and the Trophy has long been a personal favourite. 

Click here to see the Premier Trophies on eBay.

Premier Trophy MX

The Trophy MX is the motocross version of the classic Premier design, it has strong '70s MX influence and offers excellent airflow thanks to the large face-port and chin vents. 

Click here to see the Premier Trophy MXs on eBay.

Simpson Street Bandit

Simpson is an American company that builds highly-respected automotive racing helmets and equipment, their motorcycle helmets are possibly less famous but no less well-built. The Street Bandit has clear Darth Vader overtones that'll appeal to many 

Click here to see the Simpson Street Bandits on eBay.

Simpson M50

The M50 is a personal favourite, it's an iconic motocross design that would also do well as an urban helmet so long as you're not going to hit the highway with that sun visor in place. Airflow is also excellent, which makes it a good choice for warmer climates. 

Click here to see the Simpson M50s on eBay.

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