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XXII Le Jog 2016 - 3rd to 6th December

Still considered by crews as one of the most demanding and challenging events in Europe and a definite to be ticked on your “must do” events list! HERO's Land’s End to John O’Groats Reliability Trial and Classic Car Tour is open to cars built before 1986. Running in December, tough conditions are to be expected, but no-one crosses the finish line without a smile on their face.
Starting from Land's End on Saturday morning, competitors take part on a number of regularity sections and driving tests before arriving at the evening rest halt. From here, it is into the maze of lanes that criss-cross Wales, your endurance and skill tested as you battle through the night against the elements and the route set out by the Clerk of the Course. Sunday brings you a little more of a relaxed day, the route and scenery as stunning as the first, your overnight halt will be welcoming and give you chance to rest before the final push to John O' Groats.
As you leave on Monday, it is hard to believe you are only half way along the route, the night section is daunting and the evening meal is most welcome. As you arrive in John O'Groats, it is not unusual to see crews so elated that a tear is shed, after all, they have completed what is regarded as the toughest historic rally in Europe, and quite possibly the world. Welcome to Le Jog.HERO Colour Coding, Black, Expert Le Jog is graded as 'Expert' It features mixed navigation, night time driving, driving in adverse conditions. Some competitors have attempted Le Jog as their very first event, we would advise you to take part in the HERO Training and Briefing Day that takes part in October if you wish to attempt Le Jog as a novice. In addition to the competitive event, Le Jog also has a Tour section which follows the main route but does not take part in the competition. Contact us here to learn more
Le Jog 2016
The 2015 route put together by Graham Dance was very well received and we are delighted to announce that Graham will once again be in charge of delivering a challenging yet thoroughly enjoyable route for crews.  Also, we are delighted to say we will be returning the finish to John o’Groats
For 2016, the route will be as demanding as the 2015 one, starting in Land's End, a run up the west side of the UK and into Wales will bring crews to an overnight halt on the borders of Wales and England, close to Chester. The Sunday run will once again be the 'easier' part of the event, however, we may include one or two more demanding sections here to keep the pressure on crews and ensure that the endurance side of the event is still there. Sunday's overnight will once again be close to the borders, this time the borders will be Scotland and England as we take the chance to have a good night's rest before the final push to John o'Groats.
Le Jog 2016
So what will the final day bring? All we can say is that we intend to have the final rest halt close to Fort William - we're going to keep you guessing as where the event will go, will it be west or will it be east?
We will follow a similar in format to the 2015 running with 20-25 regularities, several TC sections and of course the driving tests throughout, in 2016, the driving tests diagrams will be distributed at the very start of the event - allowing the drivers to do a little homework and familiarise themselves with the upcoming challenges we have in store for them.
The regularity sections will comprise of the best and most challenging driving roads the UK has to offer, a mixture of brow-hopping moorland, scenic mountain passes and possibly some old favourites interspersed with some new to Le Jog sections to keep the event fresh.
We look forward to seeing the many regulars on the event but we are also delighted to be welcoming many more newcomers to this most epic of adventures, Le Jog 2016 - The toughest classic rally in Europe, are you joining us?

Is the event right for me?

  • Vehicles entered will be classed according to age, engine size and body type
  • Navigation is mixed with roadbook, traditional presentations and jogularity. It will be in the same style as the last 20 years, you will need a trip meter.
  • There will be driving in the dark on mixed surfaces, as the event runs in December, the possibility of ice, snow and inclement weather is high. As such, this event is classified as EXPERT

The event is suitable for those:HERO Colour Coding - Black - EXPERT

  • Who have competed on longer distance/multi leg events.
  • Who have already done some events.
  • Used to multi surface events and driving in harsh conditions.
  • Crews wishing to undertake a real challenge in motor sport.
The event has been tackled and completed by novice crews in the past, however, we would reccomend undertaking less advanced events as a preparatory measure prior to competing on Le Jog.

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