dimanche 25 mars 2018

JAP V Twin Classic Speedway Sidecar Outspeeds Japanese Classics

2012 Mildura Olympic Park Wintersun Classic Champions Tony West and Rob Brown pull some SERIOUS revs aboard their historic/classic 1000cc model 8/80 JAP powered ex-Len Burman speedway sidecar to readily outspeed some Japanese classic sidecars at the Gillman June 2012 Winter season outing. Turn the sound up to hear the music as that big twin revs hard up the straights. The Summerton-built replica engine has performed faultlessly since it hit the tracks back in early 2011 at the start of that year's Gillman winter series with no attention required other than oil and filter changes.

Thanks must go to Rob's partner Mary for the great camera work and to Rob for putting the clip together.

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