lundi 29 janvier 2018

The Monkey Run

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"Damn, he's been at the drawing board again" was muttered in the office a while back. However Mr Tom and Buddy Munro returned a week or so ago from testing out our intensely sensible 10th adventure. We didn't get very much in the way of useful information but we did get this report back. Despite being a bit of a tit, Tom might just have invented the best thing for a human to do with a week.

What Is The Monkey Run? A trip through the Moroccan desert on a 49cc motorcycle designed for a human the size of a child, a map drawn on a napkin(doubles as toilet paper!), your wits, and a story to tell your grandkids; this is the Monkey Run Morocco.
When Is The Monkey Run? March 31st - April 7th 2018
Find out more and sign up over on the Adventure 10 website:
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